IN WIN – modern and innovative

IN WIN Development Inc. is a well-known companies and computer case manufacturers. He was one of the first to make an XT format package for IBM PC compatible needs. At the beginning of the computer era, there were very few such companies, which allowed the company to occupy and successfully maintain its own niche in the production of modern computer casings.

The years that have passed since then have shown the truth of the production and technical solutions of the company, which holds one of the first places among other cabinet manufacturers in Taiwan. Significant funds invested in production and development, allow the company to hold the leading position even for taking over Slot Online Company.

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Soon to celebrate 30 years of success, In Win Development Inc. has established itself as a leading provider of enclosure solutions for system integrators throughout the world. In Win has consistently proven itself to be very ‘Contemporary & Innovative’, setting trends and raising standards for other computer development companies.

Our expertise is reflected in our products. We offer professional computer chassis, chassis servers and digital storage devices, allowing you to modify it as you like. This server is very popular in the corporate and business world, faithfully serving thousands of people over the past three decades. We also have a server that will be a great addition to your home theater and daily household needs.

In Win started in Taiwan with the belief that we can provide exceptionally reliable products with unmatched artistic value. The attractive red logo that includes our company comes from Chinese calligraphy that symbolizes, “Satisfaction, according to one’s wishes”. Our company listens to customers and we always improve our products to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We encourage you to check our products in our store, and don’t hesitate to send us questions or problems.